Annual Ham Manual

A digital magazine for the ham enthusiast
Project Overview
Tasked with creating a digital magazine, we made a magazine for those who have an unbreakable bond with ham. For this project we came up with a backstory to the magazine which allowed us to better design the look and feel. To help create the right look and feel, I came up with the website layout and navigation.

Magazine Backstory
Every year, a group of ham enthusiasts, better know as The Ham Council, get together to take a look at the ham industry and report the things they find most interesting to the public in a publication known as The Annual Ham Manual. In this edition of The Annual Ham Manual, we focus on the stories of two of the movers and shakers, Olli Salumeria a family owned company who make artisanal meats and a global corporation named GloboHam (not an actual corporation).

The Framework (Navigation and Layout)
With such a crazy backstory we wanted to go with an equally crazy website. So to play off the backstory we decided to mock the website after a museum or headquarters the user can take a tour of. As the user “walks” through the museum, they will be able to look in depth at items the Ham council deemed worthy to put in this Edition of The Annual Ham Manual. As the user gets “lost” in the museum, they will always be able to hit the guide button to get there bearings and continue to explore.

Final Design
The Team
Alex Haase. Art Direction           Sara Carr. Art Direction           Stephen Shockett. Copywriting           Brandi Thompson. Experience Design

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