Quest By MapQuest

A social and sharable trip planning tool for off the map treasures
Project Overview
MapQuest has fallen from glory. As better alternatives flooded the market, MapQuest became irrelevant to the point of death. In order to revive and modernize MapQuest, we needed to redefine it with sociability and share-ability at it’s core.

So Quest so we created MapQuest, a trip planning tool where people recommend or share destinations and experiences they loved with their friends.

My deliverables for Quest included several iterations of lo and hi-def wireframes for both website and app. In addition, I created a customer-center kiosk to increase user onboarding to Quest.

Defining Quest by MapQuest Users
Quest by MapQuest is an online experience aimed to provide off the map travel recommendations for trip planners. With that in mind, we designed the website, a pre-trip planning tool, for “The Planer” and the app, a tool for on the go exploring, for “The Explorer.”

The Planner

  • Type A personality
  • Feels out of sorts when they aren’t in control
  • Loves to make lists/itineraries

To accommodate “The Planner” we designed the website as the pre-trip planning tool so they can better plan for their adventure.

The Explorer

  • Free spirit
  • Love to live in the moment

The app offers recommendations as the website does, but goes about it in a little different way. The app is designed to offer the user recommendations, based on location, as they are exploring new surroundings, so instead to pre-trip the will be used during the user’s trip.

Introducing Quest by MapQuest

Quest by MapQuest Website

Quest By MapQuest on Mobile

Supporting Digital Campaign
In order to get people to know about MapQuest’s change in direction, we had to advertise it and get people to try the new MapQuest.

We decided the best way to do that was through a kiosk. So we made a kiosk in the shape of a globe, that has the same functionality as the desktop website, to be placed in transportation hubs.

The Team
Alexis Kafkis. Art Direction       Jonathan Hirsch. Art Direction       Adeel Shams. Brand Management       Sarah Westerfield. Copywriting       Noel Van Aartrijk. Strategy       Brandi Thompson. Experience Design

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