The Sound of the Times

A social media campaign where music says it better than words
Project Overview
Jazz is one of the oldest American music forms. It was created as a way to unify people and was seen as edgy, risky, and controversial. Jazz was counterculture among the younger generation. But now, many millennials don’t see jazz as an relevant art form to their lives, and instead view jazz as an art form enjoyed by intellectuals and older people. Jazz has lost its connection with its target audience and, therefore, has lost declined tremendously in sales. This project challenged us to increase sales amongst millennials.

Our Approach
As stated before, jazz is no longer seen as that edgy counterculture that is once was and is seen as “old people’s music” and for intellectuals only. In order to increase sales, we had to change the identity and the way people perceive jazz by exposing it to more people through relevant channels. 

Designing the Experience
Many millennials turn to social media, specifically Facebook, to share what’s on their minds. We took what they shared and gave a sound to them. For the month of April, Jazz Appreciation Month, Facebook users can post what’s on their minds in the form of jazz music.

In order for this to work, we knew we needed a microsite, that could be accessed through Facebook or the site’s URL, in order to post your sound to Facebook. My art director and I sat down and hashed out some requirement for the site, which consists of: a way for the user to say what’s on their minds and other sounds within your network. Due to short turn around, we didn’t make any changes to our mockup instead of to the wireframes.

The Sound of the Times
The Team
Alexis Kafkis. Art Direction          Nima Khalilian. Brand Management          Patrick Newman. Copywriting          Claire Glisson. Strategy          Brandi Thompson. Experience Design

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