TruGreen Watering System

A sprinkler system that allows mother nature to take its course
Project Overview
Many things contribute to water waste, overwatering from underground irrigation systems being one of them. As the love for green grass grows, overwatering becomes more and more of a problem, especially with commercial property.

As TruGreen, a professional lawn care service, expands their business to include sprinkler maintenance/repair and installation, it would be a great opportunity for them to create a product that solves this problem.

In order to solve this problem, I had to re-imagine how irrigation system work, how they’re used and what they look like. I concluded that watering systems need to be flexible to allow mother nature take its course and let rain water be the primary watering system and underground irrigation systems be a supplemental source of watering. To achieve this re-imagined watering system, I created an app and modified the sprinkler itself.

For this project, my deliverables included: developing a target audience, wireframes for the app, and diagrams for what the sprinkler will look like.


Developing a Target Audience
Through observation and research I saw that the lawns that were the most overwatered are commercial lawns. It is especially apparent when it rains. Often times you find the sprinklers running while it’s raining. For the target audience I focused on those who manage commercial properties, including: property managers and groundskeepers.

Target Audience Assumptions:

  • Users have to keep up and manage several lawns within their property
  • Users need to shut off, run, or pause sprinklers quickly
  • Users might need a reminder of scheduled lawn maintenance
  • Users need to schedule emergency maintenance
A Re-Imagined Irrigation System
Most outdoor irrigation systems, if not all, water on a rigid schedule and leave little wriggle room for rain (whether it’s going to rain or has already rained). TruGreen’s Watering System provides flexibility by using an app that give the user ultimate control. The user can stop, run, or pause their sprinkler system whenever needed. The app also provides suggestions as to when the sprinklers should be ran based on soil water levels and the weather.

In order to provide accurate water levels in the soil, the sprinklers needed to be modified by placing a soil moisture sensor on the sprinkler. This will allow tell you exactly how much water your lawn needs and when not to water.

Final App Design
The Team
Brandi Thompson. Experience Design

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